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“I just wanna say thanks… I just wanna say thank you lord for all you’ve done for me”

These are the words to one of my favorite gospel songs. I never thought I would make it this far. But with the help and support of my family, friends, coach, team-mates and people with bigger hearts than I would ever imagine in a million years. Much love!

Kendrick J. Farris

Chicken Tenders 1.0

Squats x 8 reps AHAP
(Using proper form)


July 4th

I’m ready for this!–ZARCwSIE

All Power Everything


Hey y’all (what it do)

Today we’re going to talk about Power and what it means to me. I get tons of questions about my thoughts on certain movements whether it be the Oly Lifts, squats, deads, bench but mostly The Lifts (Oly).

So lets dive right in.

What is Power?

Well to me Power is speed and control with a sprinkle of style on top. If you’re able to move fast and maintain control throughout whatever movement your doing, that’s power to me. Sometimes you’ll see someone with control but they move slow as Christmas during process, that’s no bueno in my opinion. Once you figure out what your body is doing, and you’re able to have the weight come along for the ride with you, the only way to go next level is to crank up the speed up. Now here’s the question I get all the time “how can I get faster?” We’ll it’s quite simple my friends but it takes time, once you conquer the movement meaning you don’t have to think so much while doing them then you need to do the lifts over and over has fast as possible with control, make sense? For example my all time best snatch is 162kg 356lbs… Now my goal is not to try to break that record every day (what’s the point) but when I’m doing snatches with lighter weight that number and more is on my brain so I know whatever I have on the bar can be moved how I want it done, with control and speed. Now lets talk about style, a lot of people seem to have this one down but the only issue is its not in the order I just talked about which is control, speed, then style this just makes you look silly Lol. I’m all about individuality and creativity but when you sacrifice proper technique for style points I can’t rock with you (support) safety first. Your style is what lets people know “hey that’s a Kendrick Farris lift right there” like many if you know I’m a power and squat jerker

1. It works for me
2. I don’t have to think as much doing it
3. Just look at the weight I’m doing with it so why change it

People ask me ALL the time why I do this style instead of the text book split jerk. Well I’ve learned the proper technique, I have control&speed, and it’s my own style so to speak. Once you figure what power means to you I know you’ll be able to master your training and whatever lifts that come to visit your gym.

All Power Everything is the mindset I have when I approach the bar… Power Start, Power Position, Power Finish!

Now before you leave I want you all to accept the “Farris Challenge” what’s that you ask… Check out my YouTube channel ::thaMFboi::

It’s a total of 30reps in the back squat as heavy as possible for 5minutes 10 reps at a time.

Do it, Record it, Post it!

Farris Challenge: All Power Everything!

So until next time my people

Thank y’all for coming out God Bless you and have a good one.

2Barz!!! Signing Off

So It’s Free Right?


Hey y’all (What it do)

I hope all is well whenever you are in the world and that it keeps on getting better. I got some good and bad news for my “competition” I’m moving up a weight class. That’s right I’m getting older and fatter so I’m packing my weights and moving from the 85kg class to the 94s YAY •____•

Now to what we came here for and that’s today’s blog. I’ve noticed that people seem to somewhat like me, and with that being the case I get asked to do variety of things from speaking, appearances, endorsements, coaching, etc.
I always appreciate people having me in mind when they contact me, but once we get to the meat of all the question I always seem to get is “so it’s free right?” Lol. I’m always caught off guard by this because in my mind I’m like “if you knew how much it cost me to position myself, you wouldn’t even ask that” but I just say get all the details to my wife Katrina and she’ll let you know if there’s a fee which there more the likely will be. Now in all seriousness why shouldn’t I charge you if I didn’t seek you out to be apart of your event?? Lets do some quick math 9 years of driving to the gym 5 days a week, at least 2 national meets a year (travel, hotel, food) then just day to day living for 9years how much is all that?… Lord LOL.

Now don’t get me wrong I love to work with people and apart of functions that I’m passionate or have some interest in, but if you’re looking to have me for FREE let me at least offer before you ask “so it’s free right?”

What a life I have…

So until next time my people

Thank y’all for coming out God Bless you and have a good one.

2Barz!!! Signing Off


Everybody Is A Hopeful


“Everybody Is A Hopeful”

Hey y’all ( What It Do)

I hope all is going well with you guys and gals wherever you are in the world. I always hope that by the end of this blog that y’all understand where I’m coming from with this one. So lets jump right into it!

So with Olympic Fever slowing starting to fade away tons of coaches and athletes are getting the wheels in motion to find a parking space on the next Summers’ Olympic Lot. I learned back in 2008 that everybody is a hopeful including me even though I had competed on my first Olympic Team in Beijing, China that didn’t guarantee me anything for 2012 . Now here’s where things get confusing for most hopefuls, some people don’t understand the qualifying process especially when it comes to the sport of Weightlifting, so lets dig a little shall we.

Ok so each weight class has an Olympic qualifying total that comes from the average of the top three lifters from the World Championships and when the Olympic trials roll around the spots go to the athletes with highest percentage of that total. So if you haven’t or don’t make a World Team before 2016 rolls around that slims your chances even more, because this says that you haven’t even cracked into the top 1-2 of your weight class. Lord knows I am an optimistic person an I’m sure I could get at least one person to vouch for me on that notion but if you’ve been following our (USAW) results at Worlds it’s been tough on us to qualify spots for The Games. So with limited spots for the Olympic Team, plenty of hopefuls, and one platform… Y’all it’s real out chea (here)

I know that I’m a 2016 hopeful just like everyone else and I wish everyone the best in their training and future competitions. I want us to have a full team that way more people can live the dream and represent Team USA on the big stage. So please please please no more messages saying

” hey Farris I’m a huge fan but I was wondering why you were the only male lifter in London… I’ve been lifting for 3 months but I can bench 300lbs and squat 400lbs I think I can help Team USA”.

As much as I appreciate the kinds words and the wishing on a star I really just want people to know its no walk in the park nor can you just show up and make an Olympic Team.

But hey what do I know? Everybody is a hopeful including me

So until next time my people

Thank y’all for coming out God Bless you and have a good one.

2Barz!!! Signing Off